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Caviar Sturia Vintage
Caviar Sturia Vintage
Suggestion : Sturia Vintage caviar is our best ambassador! Mature or refined, its mere tasting, simply on a spoon, the tin placed on a bed of ice, is a pleasure... Its flavour and its texture place it amongst the best.
The Sturia signature The Sturia Vintage caviar, symbolic caviar of Sturias know-how, allies subtlety and complexity of flavours persistent in mouth. It associates rounded firmness and an explosion in mouth of harmoniously fruity and iodized flavours.
› Species  : Acipenser Baerii
› Packaging : 0.35 oz, 0.53 oz, 1.06 oz, 1.76 oz, 3.53 oz, 4.41 oz, 7.05 oz, 8.82 oz, 17.64 oz, 35.27 oz. Packed in vacuum sealed metallic tins
› Storage : Keep between 0C and + 4C
› Ingredients : Sturgeon eggs, salt, preservative: E 285
DLUO : 6 months
Caviar d'Aquitaine
Nutritional information For 100g
Energy 1084 kJ / 260 kcal
of which trans fatty acids
16.83 g 
6.66 g
of which sugars
1.22 g 
1.22 g
Proteins 26.32 g
Sodium 3.55 g
Availability :
Temporarily unavailable
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